Solo or Autocross


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Jan 22, 2006
Ft Worth, TX
I've been looking around and havent really found a answer. Im looking into getting in to the autocross or solo sport but I have a 07 convertible GT 5 speed. And im not sure I can do either one. I really dont want to put a cage in it cause I still drive it everyday. Plus my other daily driver ended up damn near a full blown drag racer and couldnt drive it all the time.
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I am not sure what the rules are for autocross where you are but I run in Porsche Club of America events and you don't need a cage, just a helmet. I don't know of any solo events anywhere near me. Try going to one of each to watch and see which one you like.
The best way other then crack open the rulebook is to spectate an event. I run my car with the BMW CCA classes and I see plenty of convertibles (M3's, S2000s, Boxsters, Mini Coopers, and Miatas) that don't run a cage.
SOLO events require safety gear = roll cage/roll bar for convertibles.

Autocross on the other had will not require anything more than stock safety equipment = seat belt and a helmet (which you can use a loaner at the event).

Stick with autocross if you don't want to turn your daily driver into a race car...not that SOLO requires a race car, but they are more demanding regarding safety; roll bars, fire extinguishers, etc...

I am an autocross nut as you can tell by my screen name; I love the sport!!!! :)