Somebody was getting some new toys......

Spent from late-Saturday-afternoon through Sunday evening with Mrs StDr's family in Tucson. Had a good time visiting with the older of the two brothers-in-law. The younger of the two -4 years older than me- was down from Ohio. All I'm presently gonna say is that I get along better with my M-I-L :rolleyes: better than I do with the younger bro-in-law. I might be in a more proper frame of mind to discuss the weekend if I were to relax with a soothing root canal sans anesthesia; with only headphones on, blasting Britney Speers, Wham and the Spice Girls into my ears. :puke: :rolleyes:

Anyhow, to the point: On the way back home, (while I was attempting to set a new land speed record for Ram Quad Cabs leaving Tucson); I blew past two pickup-and-trailer rigs hauling first a 65-66 HT (no quarter panel chrome scoops and too dark to see the grille) and second, a 67 HT (easy sighting, even if it was dark). Both were in primer, but both looked to be in pretty good shape (panel fit, beltline alignment); from what I could see as I shot past them at a much greater speed than I wish to admit :nonono:

So, does anybody know (Oboe?) if these were going to Phoenix; or were they just passing through on their way to the Left Coast :shrug:
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