Something wrong with air conditioning


New Member
May 9, 2003
Atlanta, GA
My Mach I has 800 miles and for the last couple of days when the air conditioning has been on it will hiss and squel very loudly when the engine gets over about 2500 rpm.

This occurs when revving, downshifting, and driving hard. Is the compressor already messed up?

Also, it leaks a good amount of water every night.

When the air conditioing is off, none of this happens.
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Here is the south, including Atlanta, when it's humid, the a/c will pour water out of it. Nothing out of the ordinary there...
My compressor also makes more noise than I'd like, but I figured this is simply because it's a Ford...It's works great though - cold as ice!
When in doubt, take it back to the dealership and establish a service record so if there really is something wrong, even down the road, you'll have proof that this began early.
I've run into this in a few cars, The engine actually overrevs the AC compressor causing the clutch to slip some. Thus making mor noise then normal. If you rev and cause this more and more it will cause the compressor clutch to fail. Problem is Ford hasn't figured out a "True fix" yet. Theve told me to replace ac clutch but the only replacement is the same thing. same problem. I think the true fix would be change ECM program to deenergize the clutch on high revs. sounds simple but they won't do it, Guess they would rather sell you a $500 dollar compressor.