Expired Spal 16" Puller // Electric Fan

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Jul 5, 2016
Pensacola, FL
I have a 16" SPAL for sale. Type: VA18-AP70/LL-86A Part # 30102120. I bought the fan brand new in 2012 and just recently installed it. Due to upgraded pulley's and a 3 row radiator the fan does not fit. The fan retails (from the SPAL website) for 178.31 but you can get it at Amazon for 106.65. I'm asking 90.00 even. You will still have to buy the wiring harness as I am planning on installing a slimmer SPAL. I will send you everything that SPAL sent me when I got it new, however, I do not have the original packaging. There are a couple of scuff marks on the back of the motor due to sitting on the shelf.

Height: 16.22"
Width: 15.63"
Depth: 3.45"
CFM: 2360

The fan has not been run for more than 10 minutes since I have owned it. I'm in the military and between moves and "trips" I have not had much time to work on it. I just got the car out of the shop where it was 90% restored now I'm just putting the finishing touches on it.

I'm located in Pensacola, FL, at least until December.


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