SOLD New Arp Pro 7/16" Rocker Arm Studs Pn:200-7201 For Ford Small Block V8


Jun 9, 2003
Listed are new ARP Pro 7/16" Rocker Arm Studs (1 set), Part Number: 200-7201 for a Ford Small Block V8. I was actually saving these parts for a 5 liter (w/ Cleveland 2bbl heads) I was going to put in a 66 Mustang, but I no longer have that car. If you have bolt in rocker arms or smaller screw in studs, then you may need to get your heads machined for 7-16 studs to use these.

Asking $70/obo

These are new and would be at least $90.00+ through retail stores (don't forget tax, shipping, etc..).
These are located in Northern Virginia at the 22152 Zip Code. I accept PayPal as payment.

The ARP studs are 7/16" PN: 200-7201 (new in sealed package).
Installed Height 1.900˝
Adjuster Thread Length 1.000˝
Adjuster Diameter-Pitch 7/16-20
Screw-in Depth 0.750˝
Screw-in Diameter-Pitch 7/16-14
ARP instructions:

Fits most SBFord / Cleveland V8s that accept 7/16 screw-in studs

Picture is of actual part listed for sale.
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