Specific explorer swap questions. (measurements)


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Oct 13, 2005
Big Spring, TX
I searched on this and have come to the conclusion that we need to add to the stangnet archives.

What is the overall width of a 65 stang rear end? explorer?

I know explorer pinions are offset 4" to the right. If I shorten the long side to match the short side will my overall width be correct?

Can you shorten the axle/housing yourself? Procedure?

Spring perches are 43" center to center correct?

When done will wheel offset be the same?

Thanks for not telling me to use the search *cough* LMAN

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Oct 15, 2004
Phoenix, AZ
I tried searching for 8.8 swap info today and man there is just a ton. Need to do something. make a common topic forum and shove them all together or something. There literally were 100's of posts that had bits and pieces and all the while, conflicting information between them.

I want to do the exploder swap as well and I tried the search. My brain took a hieatous after trying to find out more specifics.


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Apr 19, 2001
why not do a search?
why are you stuck on an explorer 8.8? why not a fox body rear?
stock 65-66 rear axle length is about 57" fromaxle flange to axle flange or around 52" from housing flange to housing flange. if you searched you would find the exact measurments.
why not just build a 9inch? there all over ebay and for $615 you can get a custom size hosing and moser axles to go with it.


Apr 10, 2004
what year car do you have? if its a 67 and up the rear outa an sn95 car will work fine they have disc brakes already and fivelugs. I think you need a fox rear for 64-66 as they are a little narrower. you can convert those to five lug easily by using ranger axles and drums. I believe its the drivers side axle that you need asthey are too different lengths. if you do have a 67 and up stangtry to find a rear from 94-95 as I think that those will work fine for you I think that 96 and up uses a different width rear and you will have to get different offset wheels where the 94-95 rear you dont hvae too