Splicing into 02's for Lt's (already done)


New Member
Mar 9, 2009
I decided to jack my car up today and check for exhaust leaks because I've been having idle surge problems for a while, decided to look at 02 wires and they were spliced into for the lt's looks to be the same size wires and good connections, is this ok, can I unplug 02 and check volts at each wire what would volts be. And 02's are new. Just trying to resolve my idle problem.
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If you splice to lengthen you want to do it to the car's harness and not
the O2's harness

The harness of the O2 is made of a special coating on the wires
that breathes therefore you should not hose with it

I would have used the extension kit if it where me but previous owner just spliced into car harness seems to be good connections, so I'm just gonna call it good. No vac leaks I can find got 15-17 vac, I just gotta get my tune a little closer I guess. Thanks for help.