Spun out in the snow...anything I need to check out?

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Feb 28, 2003
Maybe I am being a little too cautious...I get a little crazy when something happens to my car. I was driving home from work in the snow and spun the car completely around and off onto the side. The whole thing spanned the entire width of a three lane highway. Thankfully I didn't hit anything. Now I am just pissed about the whole thing. Could anything have happened to the suspension or any other part of the car from this happening? I was planning on building the car up over the winter and want to be sure it is worth it. Thanks for your help.
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Dude, it can take it. Most of us do that stuff on purpose, frequently without snow. If you didn't hit anything, the car's fine! I'd be more concerned about why it happened to begin with. Studded snow tires and two 50lb. freeweights over the rear axles goes a long way toward making your stang into a snowmobile.
Yeah...I didn't think it was a big deal, even at 35mph. The reason why it happened was because I was changing lanes on an unplowed highway. I think one of the tires got stuck in the snow inbetween the lanes. My concern was that I blew out one of the torque boxes that is hanging on for dear life. Once that comes out the car is pretty much worthless for the plans I have. The early snow took me by surprise and I have not had a chance to put the battle boxes in. I got stuck coming into my driveway. There is nothing like the smell of tires and clutch burning together create the sweet smell of abuse. Welcome mats placed in front of the rear wheels work great when you get stuck.

Now I have to sit in front of my window and watch the poor stang get snowed on because the garage is being occupied by the 96 GT. Can't wait to sell that.
You like the '89 more than the '96? What can you tell me about the '96 then, if you want to sell it? My wife has a great little '89 with the same mileage as yours, but I know she'd rather have a newer stang even though she'll never admit it. I see you post from CT, as do I. This snow sucks! I hate it! If anyone around here actually did know how to drive, they forget at the slightest sign of white stuff and turn into crazed hysterical @$$holes.
I wouldn't worry about it too much, as most people spin their stangs out on pavement, on purpose!

If you didn't hit any curbs, objects, or big ruts in the roat, you should be fine.

If your worried about the torque box, why don't you slip on a garbage bag and slide under the car and take a look?
The torque box is the piece that connects the rear control arm to the frame. After years of abuse, whether hard launching or cornering, the tend to crack and even rip. Once they rip, the car will never launch properly again. You can have them welded and have reinforcements placed in them to correct the problem. Adding the subframe connectors also helps, but will not correct the problem if they not welded or reinforced.
I know what you mean. Every time there is snow, people go crazy around here. I got the 1996 GT in the summer and have been driving it as a daily driver. Currently it has 37,000 miles on it. It is blue with grey interior. Only modifications are a BBK cold air, headers, BBK h-pipe with cats, Flowmaster catback, and 4.10's. I bought the car from a older man, actually 64 years old, who was selling it because he was moving. He had all of the mods done. I have the receipts for them. The guy never drove the car hard. The torque boxes are mint and the doors open and close like they are new. He bought the car in 98 from an Acura dealership where the car must have been traded in. He told me that he thinks a woman was the original owner. As I was cleaning out the back seat I found a Costco card that belonged to a woman so I believe him. Another thing, the car is a 248A option. This is extremely rare, although undesirable so some. This means that it is a stripped down version. No power windows, door locks, no CD player, no GT seats. It is compareable to the Mustang GTS from the previous two years. From what I have learned in the 4.6 forums, about 1% of the GTs came like this.

If you want to see what the car looks like, I have a picture of it on my website. I took this picture at the Mustangs Unlimited Power Show this past year.

Check it out here http://www.geocities.com/jjanik2002/96_Mustang.jpg
I forgot. It also has Eibach lowering springs and I think KYB Struts. I can confirm the springs after going under the car to check things out. I also replaced the fuel filter and cleaned the IAC. It is a 5 speed with the stock shifter. If I get the Tremec for my other car, I was going to put the Steeda on it.
Hmm... don't think she could live without the power opt's. My dad just bought an '01 GT that had 31,000 miles on it, so for a '96 that's exceptionally low. Oh well. Kinda nice to see another member from here in CT anyway! I've already got 3" out on my deck. :notnice: It's gonna be a long weekend. It took my wife over an hour and a half to make the 20 minute drive home from work tonight. This weather blows.
I spun out in the snow years ago. I now run all season Bridgestone Eagers. Keep in mind, I have an old somewhat stock 86 Capri with 220,000 miles. I decided to buy a 74 Bronco to deal with snow. This thing is like a tank and expanded my hobby in ways I never imagined. Look at www.classicbroncos.com to see what I mean. I have a 10 inch channel for a front bumper and drill pipe for a rear bumper. Someone cuts me off, they will not ever be the same!! It's all in the Ford family!