Stang won't start... here are the symptoms


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May 7, 2001
San Diego
Alright my stang has seemed to be running kinda rough lately. Sometimes I had to pump the gas a lot to get it to start. I went out and tried to start the car yesterday, and it will crank the engine but it never seems to even get close to starting. The fuel pump seems to be making some extra noise now also. I checked the fuel pressure, and after cranking the engine over for a while, and pumping the gas, the fuel pressure never gets above 15psi. I put in a BBK 255lph fuel pump no more than a year ago. What do you guys think it could be?
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Wouldn't be the first time i've either had or heard of the pump going that quick.

I had a 190lph, making crunching noise's after 6 weeks.
Soon after it was dead.
Alright well I tried it again today, and now it smells like it is flooded. I think the fuel pump noise was caused by a low battery. Well now the battery is dead so I am gonna charge it up and try again. I am thinking it might be my msd box, because I was messing with some wiring prior to the car not starting, and I might have shorted it and killed the msd box. So I am gonna bypass the msd box by taking out the wiring harness that connects it. Is there a way I can check my msd box? I'll keep you all posted on how its going.

thanks for the input guys :flag:
Four things to get a car to fire:

Air - well of course your getting this.
Fuel - This is probally the culprit, but exactly this is is the mystery
Spark - probally getting this, when turning over engine disconnect a plug wire at the boot to see if your getting spark.
Compression - needs at least 70psi to get combustion. Lets hope it isn't this.
Well its getting lots of air with the supercharger on there, no but Im sure my filter is in good condition, it smells rich so I am guessing that it is getting gas, but how much fuel pressure should I see at the fuel rail when trying to start the stang? I'm thinking its a spark problem, but I think I'll swap the fuel filter just for fun anyways.
I got it started today!!

I disconnected the msd wiring harness, and it started up no problem, but now it sucks cause I lost my msd boost retard, so I took off my blower belt until I get a new ignition box on there. Just to be safe. So do you guys recommend any igntion box? MSD, Crane, other...

thanks guys