Stangless no more!

So I finally picked up another mustang. It had been about 1.5 years since I sold my Mach 1 to buy my house. Now that im somewhat settled in, I decided to get another stang. Its a 98 gt with the powertrain out of an 02. It is a 5 speed but used to be an auto. The guy I bought it from was a mechanic so I felt safe that the work done was professional. It runs strong, has shorty headers, x pipe, flowmasters, new shocks, struts, bushings, spec clutch, and a steeda tri ax. The only downside is the 3.08 gears from the auto are still in the rear. First mod will be 4.10's Also has fresh colorado red paint
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I paid 5400 which for around st. louis I think was good. There is a lot of junk on craigslist for 3-4k. I just found out that apparently torch red and colorado red are the same:shrug: Yeah the mod bug is already getting to me. I need gears and a tune, but then thought might as well rebulid rearend too while the rears open. So that adds up, honestly my first change will be finding some bullitt wheels for cheap. The wheels should set the car off a little more. Havent had the car for two days and already had a stang and gto rev at me. Im sure i'll get a lot of guys trying to take advantage of what they think is an npi. Which with these 3.08 gears might as well be:D