Starter just wont Stop

first off I have moved my battery to the trunk and ran the "s" and "i" wires to the trunk. I ran a wire to the back for the paired yellow, black and red wire and the single red wire( have a one wire alternator, are any of those obsolete?)
I have switched the the two little wires that attach at the solenoid seeing if they were mixed up but one combination the starter comes on at the on position. the other it doesnt want to kick over at all. It is a new solenoid and just bought a new ignition switch. so any thoughts would be nice. Im thinking of buying a new solenoid seeing if that works. This is driving me crazy as Im trying to get ready to break in the engine and but this is holding me back. any help would be appreciated.
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Well, the obvious fact is that you're getting 12V from the ignition to the solenoid terminal in the ON position. This could be from the wires being on the opposite terminals.

When you put them the other way, you get no starter action. This is probably the correct way, but there is a continuity gap between the ignition and the solenoid.

Do you have a neutral safety switch? Or, has it been bypassed? Is it unplugged?
I do have a neutral safety switch. It is quite old and off the transmission on account of me having a AOD. Im still trying to work out that wiring but the switch is in a position that is allowing it to start. I did have trouble turning it when I did switch it. Maybe the NSS has got a short? WOuld replacing that really make a difference.