Starter problem


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Apr 27, 2010
Hello guys, hope you can help me on this, I got a 1967 mustang, I recently change the fmx tranny for a c4, but I remove the c4 from a mustang II with the small bellhousing (141 tooth), now the problem I have its that the starter hits the oil pan, so I need a smaller starter. I got a mini starter, second hand, from a friend, but It didnt work. So my options are:
1- Get a mini starter that works (If you know anyone, will appreciate the info)
2- Modifying the oil pan
3- Changing the bellhousing, but will have to spend money on torque converter and flywheel.

I will surely thank you for the info
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Did you wire it correctly? The top is the wiring for the old starter and the bottom is the re-wire for the mini-starter.