Starter Relay Issues


Sep 27, 2021
I have an 86 5.0, one day the car stop working and the interior lights would turn on when I opened the door and when I put the key in the ignition it lose all power and wouldn't turn on for about an hour. I got the battery tested and works good, the alternator is new and traced it to my starter solenoid only getting about 3 volts. I have a new starter solenoid in the car now but it still isn't getting any power to the inside of the car. Won't jump start. When I was testing the starter solenoid originally I disconnected everything from it including the battery and put it back to gather and the interior lights started turning on and I could try turning the car, this is when I found out it was only getting 3 volts. Now with the new solenoid, nothing is happening again. I'm pretty stuck, any help is appreciated.
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I'm assuming you have 12V at the battery?

In that case, this is a sign of a bad/corroded connection. Either your battery terminals/cables are junk/dirty, or the grounds are dirty
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This should help.