Steering Components "Popping" Noise (With Video)

Turning the steering wheel to the left when parked (engine off, key in aux mode) produces a "popping" noise.
Media was too large to upload to this server so I uploaded it to Facebook


I had an assistant turn the steering wheel while I was down there listening at the tie rod ends and ball joints. The sound seems to be originating from the passenger side inner tie rod (Video shows passenger side inner rod). Could also be from the passenger side control arm. I'm going to go ahead and change both inner/outer tie rods. I need a second opinion.
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Not enough information. All the video shows is that a sound occurs when the wheels are being turned. It still doesn't help narrow it down.

Passenger side tie rods are likely the most probably source, but it could also be that balljoint. Try a squirt of lube into the balljoint area and see if the sound changes. I would disconnect that tie rod from the spindle and repeat the lock to lock test and see if the sound goes away (to at least confirm what side it is on).

You could also pull the boot away and take a good look at the inner tie rod and see what sort of shape it is in.

Most likely though, it is tie rods. Fairly easy job and not too expensive
Took me a few months to get to this (Car was hit while it was parked, entire driver door is a loss) (Then the CCRM started acting up). What was making the popping noise? Well watch this Youtube video and make me rich!! Nah, it wasn't tie rods, a shop changed the rack and pinion a few years ago. They DID NOT fully tighten the bolt onto the washer onto the rack and pinion bushing (driver side bushing). This free-play of the rack and pinion was making that popping noise, hey sometimes the pros make mistakes.