Before and After front suspension components.


Mar 10, 2022
Charlotte, NC
Finally got around the last two weeks of upgrading my front suspension. I purchased the car back in the beginning of March and the front left was 1/2 inch lower than the right and the rear tires rubbed severely. The steering wheel had excessive play and vibrated terribly when on the highway with sections that curved to the right.

So I changed out the most of the front suspension and and rolled the rear fender wells. I installed the following parts and the car is night and day from what it was a month ago.

  • Koni Orange struts and shocks. (One original shock and one strut didn't rebound when compressed and the others barely rebounded on their on)
  • SVE Caster Camber plates
  • Inner tie rods with outer SVE bump steer kit
  • Eibach front sway bar kit
  • LRS front sway bar mounts
Before and after photos
IMG_4152 (2).JPG

mustang2 (2).jpg

Thanks to everyone that shares their valuable knowledge on this board. I've learned a lot just by searching the threads and asking questions when I couldn't find the answers. I also watch lots of YouTube videos over and over. All the work was completed in my garage with a good friend of mine that's a mechanic by trade and just so happen to be in town last week. She has her alignment appointment next week. This past month has been one of the most rewarding months in a long time. I enjoy learning and doing most of the small work on my own. My 3rd garage bay has turned into a small auto mechanic shop with lots of new tools and gadgets.
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Nice car, and good work! So does it sit level now? How about your steering wheel shake?
Thanks. No shake whatsoever. The steering wheel still has a little side to side play. I did notice when I replaced the inner tie rods that the rag joint was worn and the rack and pinion was starting to leak. Those are my next two projects to be completed at Fox Resto. They're local to me.
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