Sticking Clutch Issue


New Member
Jul 2, 2013
I got my GT in June of this year. I have noticed whenever I run the car up in the RPMS the clutch pedal stays on the floor when I try and shift. At first I thought this was just my imagination but it happens quite often and its really irritating. I can't get the clutch to engage until the RPMS come down.

I've been doing some reading about clutch sticking issues on 2011 Mustangs, and there was a TSB about it. Does that apply to 2012's as well? My car is an early 2012 with a build date of April 11, 2011. It is a certified vehicle that I purchased from a ford dealer. Should I be taking it in to look at under my warranty?

As a side note, I drove my buddies 2013 GT and his clutch pedal and feel is COMPLETELY different than mine. It is substantially easier to engage and disengage. Did they change the clutch for 2013's?
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