Stock gears in 2000 compared to 3:73

Well last night I was out cruzing around and ended up racing acouple older musle cars. Not too much of a problem considering I have full exhaust and Procharger. Some of my friends have been warning me about a 67 SS Camaro running around smoking everything. Well it was out and we ended up going out of town to race, considering we new it would probly take to more than 45mph to find out whos car had more. We desided to do it from a roll cuz our tiars have nothing off the line. We started from aobut 30mph he didn't bother getting beside me to start he punched it down and started coming around me so I quick grabbed 2nd I got a bout 1 car on me before I started. Well long story short I wasn't able to make up that car length, but he wasn't able to get any more than that. I let off after I relized I was doing over 120. I didn't expect to go that fast and I also know it's carless, but it's the first car around my town to actualy keep up past 55mph.

My question about gears is. I have 3:73s sitting in my basement that I want installed. This camaro had 4.11s. Can I expect the outcome to be differn't if we ever race again? Or am I going to have the same fate from a roll? I'm told it will realy make my car come alive with these gears. I just want to know what to expect.

As of right now my power adders are BBK long tubes, BBK X-pipe no cats, 40 series flowmaster catback, Procharger P1-sc, 3 core aftercooler, 42lbs motorcraft injectors, Diablo custom chip. 366rwhp/386rwtq
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I would think it should, if nothing else it should lessen the gap between the cars. I was wondering if you can help me out, once you put in your Procharger did you forge the bottom end? I am saving up for a SC but I need to know if other SC cars like yours are forging the bottom end or leaving it stock?
well, 3.73s will help you a lot if you can get the power to the ground... invest in some drag radials or else your spinning issue is gonna get worse. if youre just racing from a roll, then they'll definitely give you the extra punch youre looking for
I would have done some more runs but it was getting alittle late and plus my g/f was with me and hates me racing, talking about Mustangs, and doing anything but idleing around. I think I'll try again with 3:73s

You can put a SC on without any problems if you remeber a few things. 8psi is safe anything after you could run into problems. I know of a guy around here running 10psi and I can't believe the motor hasn't blown apart. For rod breaking purposes keep it under or right around 400wrhp I'm told the rods are junk in the 99-04. I have heard of people running close to 500wrhp with no problems, it comes down to if you want to chance breaking a rod. Everything else in the car is for the most part good up to about 500hp without problems. The rods on the other had start letting go around the 400 mark. Just stay out of the r's alittle if you deside to run more power.
On another note keep in mind the clutch. Mine slipped on my last dyno run cuz I guess i was making up around 380wrhp and 400tq, but the clutch started slipping so we backed off. That was on a dyno though and your car pushes more weight there than on the street.

P.S after a SC you need to learn to drive your car again. I gained 150hp and 100tq to the ground with almost no extra weight.