Engine Strange Humming/growling Noise Behind Dash?? 02 Mustang Gt


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Sep 17, 2015
Okay well randomly there will be a growling noise coming from behind the dash. I have experimented a lil and found that it might have to do with the IAC. Most of the time when the AC is on and i quickly shut it off it can be heard for a second or two. It has been a problem that has been persisting lately. Before i would rarely hear it now i hear it everyday, i hear it a lot when im slowing down too. Even when im at a red light it suddenly goes off again. It only happens when the car is running too. I have a youtube video where i captured the noise but you may need earphones since it sounds kind of faint. Also it can be heard from outside the car on the passenger side of the hood. also i remember my IAC was not plugged into my intake once and it would die at idle but i quickly fixed it by repluging the tube and resetting the battery maybe that can be a cause.......anywho any help?

my rpm very slightly gets affected, the needles vibrates.

link: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbuN3OqMhR4

you can hear it at 00:06 and at 00:22 (i was popping my knuckles right when it happened so ignore that)
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Oct 16, 2015
If it's a humming type noise coming from engine bay then it's most likely a vacuum leak along intake tube or iac valve. If Its a growling noise behind steering wheel then it's your clock spring binding up and going out.


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Sep 13, 2015
My ride was just doing this. After I got a new iac. I had gotten a bad part new out of the box. You can get a new one or try cleaning the old one. Also check that the iac bypass hose is not leaking air. I ran all new vacuum lines trying to track it. Then ended up swapping the one off my towncar with the stang as last resort. The stang stopped and towncar started so took the bad iac back now no more fog horn.

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