Strengthen the Stock SB to handle 500whp?


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Aug 28, 2005
North Carolina
I'm pushing 465 rwhp right now and was wondering what I could do to give my stock shortblock some strength. Are swapping to ARP Rod bolts a good idea? How about a main girdle. Valley girdle? How hard would it be to swap out the rod bolts? I hardly ever drive the car, but even when I drive it I hardly ever take it past 5500 rpms. The only time it goes higher is when it is on the dyno (6200).Thanks!
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Well I am using all ARP fastners throughout the engine and I bought a DSS main girdle. I am not using a valley girdle but I don't think it will hurt, just not sure if the cost offsets its purpose. I haven't really looked in to them. Not to sure of anything else you could do, but I think what you mentioned should help.
General concensus is that valley girdles are a complete waste of money. Your lower intake serves a very similar role.

Honestly, there is very little that can be done to the stock roller block to strengthen it. Power and RPM are what kill them, but its more RPM than actualy power that does them in. Keep the revs where you are and if the tune it right it should last a long time based on how you said you drive it. I've seen nothing concrete that main girdles help a whole lot. Having said that, I would still run one if I was using a stock block in a high HP and/or high rpm application. I do think they help with crank walk to a point.
The block is a lost cause (u are at the "safe" limit)..its your stock internals that could be upgraded..I'd worry about your rods more at this point than your block and yes the arp hardware will help. Some say the girdle helps..some say it doesnt I run one.
Killer hit it on the nose...keep the rpms down and enjoy it.
I made 457 for 2.5 years, then 544 for 2 or so years, 580 for 6-7mo and latest dyno was 643rw all the same block just progressing with my hp hunger...I did wuss out and detune quite abit outta the car last week though.
It will last as long as it wants I suppose...thats way it goes once u get 450 and up..anything can break.