Stroker kit


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Mar 10, 2006
So what does everybody think about stage3 motorsports stroker kit....347 GT Stroker Kit. This kit is made by Coast High Performance. This kit comes complete with crank, rods, pistons, ect.Cast steel crankshaft, CHP CNC Beam forged steel connecting rods (5.400), Probe SRS forged pistons. These pistons will produce 10.1:1 CR with 61cc heads. We offer many different variations of this kit. I just want to make 400-450 HP/TQ can this handel it and is it a good kit?

Thanks, Jon
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Fidanza Man!
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Jan 14, 2001
New York
That kit will be fine. What are you lookign to do to make this power? I would do a better rod though since it sound like you may be revving it a little high. I use probe ultralight I beam rods with 7/16" cap screws as opposed to a 3/8" bolt like the rods in your kit have. My rods are a strong high rpm n/a rod.