2018 Rims on 1965 Mustang

Just thought I'd post this here. I was looking for some new rims and tires for my 1965. I ended up going with a set from a 2018 Mustang 4-cylinder eco-boost.
I needed 1" hub adapters (spacers) for the back
1" hub adapters PLUS an additional 5/16" spacer for the front.

The front would have cleared the upper control arm without the 5/16 if I put changed the wheel weight from the inner lip to a sticky one on the inside of the rim.
The rims are 7.5" wide, with 5.75" back spacing.

Hopefully I can help someone out.
The 347 ci stroker engine that I built made 451hp on the dyno and 440 lb/ft tq. I have the dyno sheets for that.

Also my mods are:

Front Suspension
-Scott Drake 1" Drop springs (Front)
-KYB Gas Shocks (Front)
-Coil Spring Saddle
-Strut Rod Bushings
-Sway Bar Bushings
-Scott Drake Lower Control Arms
-Scott Drake Steering Linkage kit

Rear Suspension
-KYB Gas Shocks (Rear)
-Leaf Spring Shackle Bushings
-CJ Pony 5 Leaf 2" Drop Leaf springs

-Engine Wiring Harness (from firewall to engine)
-Alternator Harness
-Starter solenoid
-Ground Strap (Engine) and harness holders

-1989 Roller Block
-Magnafluxed, Bored .030, and .025 taken off the top to get zero deck
-Eagle forged 347 stroker crank (430234005400)
-Probe forged 14.2cc pistons (12354-030)
-Eagle forged 5140 I beam connecting rods
-MS590P main / CB1227P rod bearings
-Howards 222755-08 cam:
(Duration: 278/284
Lift: .533/.544
Lobe Sep: 108)
-Ford Roller Lifters
-AFR 165 heads:
(100% CNC Ported Combustion Chambers
100% CNC Ported Exhaust Ports
100% CNC Ported Intake Ports
Competition 5-angle Valve Job)
-Cometic C5909-027 Head Gaskets
-Comp Cams Magnum rockers
-TrickFlow 6/650 pushrods
-Edelbrock Torker 2 intake manifold
-Edelbrock Elite II Valve Covers
-Triple Y headers
-Assault 7qt Drag Oil Pan
-Ron Morris Adjustable Engine mounts
-3 Row 24" Champion Aluminum Radiator w/ Shroud
-2 x 12" Mishimoto Fans (2300 CFM) + Relay Kit

-Fuel Sending Unit W/Return
-Fuel Tank
-Factory Style Reproduction Gas Cap
-FiTech Fuel Injection (Go EFI 4 Master Kit)

-Hood Hinges
-Hood Springs
-LED Headlights
-17" Rims and tires from 2018 Mustang (235/55r17)

-Master Overhaul: Kolene steel clutch plates, filter, gaskets, seals, fluid, torque converter, shift kit
***Good for up to 650 HP
-Shifter Bushings
-Transmission mount

-Gauge Assembly
-Mass Backed Carpet
-Kick Panels

It's for sale is anyone wants to buy it.... $22k


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