Studs on lower intake to heads


Jan 9, 2008
Phoenix, Az
I keep having the problem with running lean. From what I can tell the intake bolts keep loosening up which I read is normal. The problem is when I go to retighten them I get one or two that spin and will not tighten. After looking at the threads I see that the bolt is not engaging the thread on heads. Its like the threads on the head are helicoiled in (which it might have been I bought them used) and then come out after trying to tighten the bolts. I was wondering if I would run into any problems using studs in the heads and then just use flange nuts on the lower intake to secure it.
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Nov 29, 1999
just go to ace and buy 3 feet of all thread and some nuts, cut to fit.

This is definitely the way to go. Intake bolts only get something like 16 lb. ft. of torque anyhow, so you wouldn't overtorque some plain ol' grade 5 rod. I used stainless bolts on my lower intake and didn't overtorque and strip threads off of them.