Sunset Orange Metallic


Aug 30, 2005
Does anyone have their fox painted sunset orange metallic? Ive decided to paint my project car orange, but I dont want just any orange. Ive been looking at sunset orange and candy orange. I really wanted the orange thats on the saleens but of course Im not paying that much for paint! lol Pics would really help out here. Any other good orange colors you guys can think of let me know. Who makes the sunset orange metallic anyway? Thanks in advance
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I'm close to the color you want.. I think...








just curious how hard is it to apply candy paint?

Very hard.... your talking an Orion silver base coat with 6 coats of candy tangerine. Kandy is nearly impossible to fix if ever scratched and if you do get it fixed 50% of the car prob will need to be repainted. I want that damn tangerine so bad but its for cars that doesnt get driven. Do yourself a huge favor and stick with the pearl! If you do get the kandy remember their is actually only a handful of people who have done it and have the proper skill to make it look right. One coat to many or missing and the color is completely different. 75% overlapping and once you spray you must walk the whole car non stop till its done.

I really like the 09 lexus PPG Vibrance Orange Glow 3-stage paint and their Glasurit Sunset Orange Pearl paint. good luck.