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May 13, 2002
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Ok I have all stock suspension besides Eibach Pro springs.

Anyways I was looking at the Tokico Illuminas, the 5 way adjustable ones front and back. Do you think this would be a wise mod?

I was also looking at the Hotchkis cast&camber kit, as well as the hotchkis upper and lower control arms.

Do you think these would all be a good mod for me, do you think its worth it for these or what should I get. Of course im going to get subframes no matter what but I wanted to do up my suspension a bit more IF ITS WORTH IT.

My motor is done, heads, intake cam etc etc, exhaust done....

So what do you guys think? Also is this stuff fairly easy to install?

Thanks so much!!! :banana:
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The shocks are a great investment, it will make a night and day difference in how the car rides, at least it did for me. They do have their downsides though, you are stuck with factory settings for compression and rebound, albeit there are five of them, but you can't fine tune them like a set of DA Koni's. If you aren't going to do any track time, I wouldn't worry about that though.
Have you looked at Bilsteins? I know there non-adjustable, but a lot of people will tell you they don't really need adjusting. Mine were one of my wisest investments. I know a lot of suspension places carry them. It wouldn't hurt to call all the various suspension companies and see what they have to say. You'll probably get the best info that way.
see sig for details, but I did all the suspension works (except the subs) over a winter a noticed a huge improvement in looks and ride. A little more harsh, but extremely worth it (your's would probably handle even better id you choose adjustables) Good Luck and they are not real hard to install, just be reasonable in the length of time to get everything installed; and be sure to drive right to the closest alignment shop.
Hotchkis CC's
H&R springs

Id get an Air Ride sys next.... I drive the car alot and the ROADS SUCK!!!! I bottom out on the Vert frame brace in roads that are High centered, Im always looking wich way to swerve to miss ALL the bad spots on the road. We were at a show in Detroit and hit bottom so bad on the highway I was surprised the Air bags didnt go off!! :bang:
How do u like the Hotchkis CC plates?

well its just I found the hotchiks C&C plates locally for cheap $150 canadian so like $100US...and the upper and lower hotchiks are local and are like $300 canadian so like $225us.

Do you think the upper and lower control arms are even worth it? Im not dragging or anything....what about the shocks are the 5 ways a good choice if im not racing?