Suspension Noise??? PLEASE Help!!

I recently changed up my suspension on my 2002 GT. Went with some H&R Sport Springs (1.6" Front Drop, 1.5" Rear Drop), Tokico HP Shocks/Struts, and some Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates. I have had this setup about a month and a half. I also just got an alignment about 3 days ago.

Now, when I turn my wheel fully, like when entering a parking space or my driveway, my car sometimes makes this weird noise. I do not know how to really describe it, its kind of a clunking that just sounds like something is breaking. It comes from the front wheels. This only happens when my wheels are fully turned and im moving slowly into a space, it stops after the wheels begin to straighten out.

What could it be?? It just sounds real bad! Like something is breaking, with a consistent clunk to it. I know it has to deal with the lowering of my car, but does anyone know what is making this noise and what I need to buy to eliminate it? I just got an alignment and that did not solve anything.

Thanks 4 the help!
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Did you ever fix this clunk noise? I recently lowered my 99 GT with MRT Street kit and MM CC plates. Since then, my car makes a clunk/pop noise also... when the wheel is turned all the way and going over a bump or incline. Driving me nuts and the place that did the work can't find anything wrong. I had to get new outer tie rods because they were squeaking so bad. Fixed the squeak but not the clunk!

Any ideas? :shrug:
I have a '02 GT that does the same thing except on the passenger side front wheel and my car is stock. It happens when i have the wheels turned left or go over a bump on that side. the most embarrassing thing is when I get on it really hard it will do it non-stop until i hit 2nd. sounds like something is banging around lose and is about to fall off. I found a TSB about it that says to replace the lower front a-arms on both sides. I havent done it yet....but I need to.
Mine does this too - I've admitedly pushed it a little harder into a couple turns (with a couple bumps involved) after adding SFCs, and I swear it feels like the weld on the SFC broke...I've ck'd and dbl ck'd...but that's what it feels like - feel like it's right underneath my feet.
I contacted Maximum Motorsports and they they said to double check that everything is tightened to spec. Also, they said that the springs may not have been properly seated.

It's so strange. I just get a single clunk/pop when the wheel is turned and I go over a bump. I'm not positive, but I could swear that it alternates... one clucnk when turning right, then another when turning left.

I'll try to get under there myself or take it back to the shop in the next few days.

I have the exact same problem on my 2003 GT. It began with the "clunk" noise when taking turns, but now it has come to the point where if I brake too hard, it makes the noise.

I only have 9,000 miles on the car... so one can see how this has pissed me off royally. Shouldn't be having annoying problems like this so early.