Swapping Dash cluster, NOT for lower miles though... :P

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First, you would have to take it to a dealer to have the PATS system re-programmed to work with the different gauge cluster. This was not neccessary before PATS came out and they had the analog Odo. If you read the other gauge swap thread just a few threads down from this one, you'll see why. Thanks to wmburns for the details.

However, I don't know for sure if the GT cluster would work. I know a 95 GT cluster wont work in a 96 V6 due to the 95 being a 5.0 and having different circuit trace paths on the PCB. It plugged in, but the gauges went nutso, until I figured out why. This is different in a way as it is non PATS and has an analog odo. The 04 GT cluster might not work even if reprogrammed simply because it may have different trace patterns on the PCB (printed circuit board... on back). I cannot verify if it will work for sure though. I don't know of any internal design changes that the GT may or may not have. Wish I could help more. I would also say swap the gauges by unplugging them from the pcb itself, but I believe the odo display is part of the speedo. At least it is on analog displays. I'm not sure how that would work out with the PATS system.