Technical Articles! Coming SOON!

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What are you going to do with our existing tech articles? I am skeptical about this, a lot of us rely on this tech sticky and to have someone come in that is not of our forum and mess with it it kind of scary to me. I am not saying that you as an individual are not capable of doing this, BUT why cant we have one of our own do this?
I think he's referring more to the Stangnet Tech Articles as a whole than each individual forum's threads. Like Corral has a writeup on upgrading to '87+ 5.0 front brakes, and I think SN has one on a spring install....stuff like that.

First off, did you read the comments in the Trader Rating - It's a joke.

Stickies and anything posted in the Forums will be left alone, that's the whole point of having a forums.

Tech Articles that are submitted go to a web page (I'm assuming), and not posted within the existing forums. Many people have asked that we expand on our articles - not forums posts - and put them all in one place for people to find, as anything posted eventually goes the way of being archived.

I have written no less than 5 how-tos, and all of them have been archived off. This is a good way to take what people have written and put them somewhere so that others can use them.

I've been writing technical instructions for over 12 years, and thought I'd give something back to the site by volunteering. As such, I feel that I should at least go through what ever is submitted and spellcheck the things, and make sure people aren't writing instructions that tell others to remove the "thingy" or tighten a "doo dad." I'm just trying to help the owner out so he can concentrate on making a living, and not be innundated with articles, questions, and the work of putting the articles up on the site.

Thanks for your concerns though.
I e-mailed Marvin and he told me the same thing as above. I think that a seperate page that will be seperated into engine, model ect (Help me out on that Marvin) is a good addition to our already existing forum tech and our personal web sites. Bob's Faq, Stingers Tech ect. ect.

Look at it like this our tech sitting on their dime paying for the page. Our tech can still be posted where we have it, and if you want to place it out on the other page submit it to Marvin and go that route, But let us know in our tech where the link is at so we can go and look.

Time will Tell, it looks good in thought at this point, my opinion is subject to change if something goes wrong though.

I'm of the opinion of that it would be nice just to have a section to go to in order to see all of the tech articles. The articles can range form newbie stuff like tire sizes to some higher end things like engine swaps, etc.

I'll work with Mr. Aburn and try to please as many people as possible with this project. I'm just doing the grunt work here.

So far, in one day I've received four articles already.

Anyone want to send me something on anything, please do so. OYu might want to PM me for what you want to submit first so that I don't have articles on the same thing. That's why I wanted to have people, once the section is up, reply or respond after reading them for additions or corrections.

Anyone have anything on the MAC Pro-chamber (benefits/install) or install and performance gains for eaqual length headers?