testing the waters


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Nov 18, 2004
hey coming into hard times in my buisness, so im trying to see if it would be worth it to me to sell the stang. throw me some info on what my car would go for here in the nw.
The car is an 89 lx with 160k. the car is pretty much perfect. interior is in great shape and those the same for the exterior, and it runs real strong with no mechnical problems. there is no dents or dings and the car has fresh paint as of last summer. car is mostly stock except for off road h and flowys.
let me know what you all think.

thanks TJ
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If it were a coupe, it would be one thing, but people don't want to pay a lot for a hatch. Milege on older car's isn't as important as it's shape. If it's real clean, you might be able to get near $5K for it.