Thank You


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Sep 24, 2003
Reserve, La
I would just like to say thank you for all the help everyone has been giving me so far with all the different questions and Issues Ive been having lately with my mustang issues ive gotten myself into lately, i guess with the fact of who ever had the car before me did things with it and I guess if i was the first to change everything that was changed i would be able to figure out myself but just been feeling like who ever built the car originally just used parts from whatever to make it work. but once again thank you, And dont worry I will continue to have questions until i get the car completely redone the way i want it..
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Been there , Done that .:rlaugh: You would not believe some of the things i have seen done to these poor cars .Some stupid ,and some down right dangerous :nonono:
Sounds like yours are just minor ,well maybe not to you because you have to fix it ,still not to bad far:rolleyes:
To be honest when i built my first truck and put airbags on it there was nobody around that had ever done it and like you said no internet to look anything up, i basically ordered a kit and the boxes came in with no instructions and basically was a learn as i go process. It actually took me 4 months to bag my 93 ranger but when i was done i was the only one in my area that was bagged and also ridding on a 3 link on the back and it was well worth the wait and time to making sure everything was correct and worked properly. I drove the truck as a daily driver for 1.5 years and never had a single issue with it, now you see all these people throw a vehicle together in a few days and spend 90% of their time afterwards wrenching on it because the half a$$ed most of it to start. Ive built a few other cars and trucks since then and trust me im all about patience and perfection. So with that being said, now with internet and this forum expect for me to be asking alot of questions on different things about my car that i know yall have all probably come across at some point with yall cars.