Electrical Thanks Jrichker - Door Lock Actuator


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Jul 30, 2002
East Hartford, CT
Finally got around to installing the door lock actuators in my 89. Had the actuators for about 3 years and decided that I didnt want it to make it to 4 years.

Anyways, everything went off with no major issues, other than my inability to locate the 1/2" square aluminum tubing. I ended up using 1/8" flat alum stock, and found a 3/8" brass thumb nut to act as a spacer. I also decided to rivet the rod to the actuator instead of a bolt.

But again, thanks to jrichker, without your instructions i would have spent a lot more doing a stock replacement.
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I am glad to hear you were successful. I used a 1/2" steel box rod from Home Depot for the actuator link. but you method sounds like a good alternative plan.
I thought about using the steel, but didnt know if the weight would impede the operation of the actuator. Plus, with the rust possibility, I didnt want to wait for paint to dry.

But they are working perfectly now. Decided to replace them in pairs even though the drivers side was still working. Figured I will gain a spare in case anything happens to the replacements.
The replacement actuators in my Mustang have lasted 12+ years. They are still going strong, I love the thunk sound when they lock and unlock. :)