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Nov 29, 1999
So my buddy was tired of not being able to hang with the Cobra so he came by so I could install his NX wet kit. Never installed one before and he still has to fill the bottle tomorrow to play with it but no fuel leaks or anything. He still needs his NO2 pressure gauge but here are some pics of what I installed :nice:

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LaserSvt, Is that A/F hooked up already? When i did mine it didn't read like a normal afr gauge. It just kinda sat closer to lean with half the lights on starting from the most lean light to halfway to rich. I must have hooked it up wrong. What wire and on what O2 sensor did you splice into?
Yeah thats hooked up wrong 02Nightmare. My pops Termi did that untill I rewired it. The easiest is taping off the computer harness on the pass side kick pannel. You can use eaither the red/black stirpe wire or the red/white stripe one. red/white is right front O2 and the red/black is the left front O2. You can put a three way toggle switch on it and switch between the two banks. On both cars though I am just reading the left bank. Unless an injector dies it should be the same. Hope it helps :nice:
Nice mountain of JB Weld on the intake, lol.

Nice shag carpet on the leg too...;)

In all seriousness, looks like a good install. I bet he will have a smile painted on his face once he feels the hit.