Engine The Secret of the Fox body Starter top bolt. Shhhh!!!


Apr 1, 2007
OK its not really secret and I have found a few good threads on here about a few ways to approach it from under the car and on top using extensions and such, but why? I am talking about the top bolt, the bottom bolt is easy from under the car but the top isn't. Some have tired with small ratchets and others with long extensions, some say take the tire off and then have a friend help but it's right there if you look. I tried from under the car with a small ratchet at the top bolt and couldn't do it and was going to give up. Then I took off passenger tire and it was staring at me! Again some threads have mentioned taking tire off but then still mention some other steps put i tell ya just look it's in there. Easy
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Nov 13, 1999
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
We didn't have much room to remove the wheel, given the way it was backed into the garage. Maybe only 12-18" of clearance.
Without removing the wheel, this is how it's done.
Two wobble end extensions. Long one with socket goes to starter, short one to wrench. I think they were about 1ft and 6 inch. Goes over top of motor mount. If you try it the other way around, no can do. Right hand feeds the socket, left hand reaches around, catches the socket, puts it on the bolt by feel, dont bother trying to see it.
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