There is just something about a Foxbody

I really can't quite explain it but I know you people get it. I have had my car since I was 14, as it was a gift from my grandpa. I worked on it to get it daily driveable, and drove it all through highschool. I'm 21 now, so its not like I really remember these cars just rolling around the streets or anything. I barely remember my dad's car, he had a 93 Cobra that he raced all the time.

No other car quite does it for me for whatever reason. Like other cars are cool and all but man I just want to mess with foxbodies. It's been on my mind because I'm away from home to go to school, and I left my fox at home because daily driving it when I don't really have a garage in case something breaks isn't exactly a great choice. I miss driving the car a lot. There isn't anything really special about it on paper. It still has E7 heads, running on what's basically stock suspension. Sure it's got some good parts, subframe connectors, gears, shifter, whatnot. It isn't like the slowest car on the planet but it sure really isn't that fast nor does it objectively handle well whatsoever, but everytime I drive the damn thing it's just so good and I don't know why. It kind of brings me back to a time that I really didn't experience, but I know that my dad did, and that's pretty badass to me.

I've got plans laid out for it, and modding cars is expensive for a college student lol. It gets put together here and there with new parts coming in slowly. I graduate this fall, and man it's gonna feel great to have all that hard work for a job lined up to pay off. Maybe by this time next year the car will be closer to where I want it, or maybe not!

Just rambling really, I don't have many people around me who enjoy these cars in particular like I do. Sure my friends are car guys but they usually don't wanna hear me talk about "the good old days" when removing the serpentine belt was a valid strategy for lowering quarter mile times.

Anyone got any cool foxbody stories, foxbody pictures? 90s muscle car stuff? Post em, love to see it.


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Nice looking car! It’s cool that you’re so into foxbodies being as “young” as you are. My brother is your age and while he appreciates my car, he and most of his friends get more excited about turbo imports.
Nice! Your car looks identical to my 92 LX when I first bought it. It was bone stock then but I’ve done some stuff to it since. Here’s what it looks like now.
Thats a nice fox. Can't go wrong with a black LX. I've been into Foxes for a long time. Driving these cars is just special. My sons ( 17 and 22 ) dream of owning and building a fox. Its all my fault :shrug:
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