This Makes me Think Turbo Coupe RestoMod


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It won't be for everybody but keep in mind you could use a big aluminum Windsor head instead :O_o:


Jeeze... I'd drop this into a Granada without a second thought! :rlaugh:


Just cam across this Ghia 3.0 coupe. Didn't even know there was such a thing :oops:
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Small turbo and this little thing is animal. This is the second 'writeup' I've seen for it and I'm finding myself wanting to do a project with it of some sort.

@MRaburn thinks it would be hot stuffed into a Fox Notch. I like that idea too. I suggested it for his F100 project but he's got that motor locked in already.
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Reminds me of the old SVO 2.3L with a Volvo Head.
A Turbo Coupe Restomod would be badass.

I'd use an AFR 225 head :D

Oh OH! :ohoh: And I want to see the look on the salesman's face when I tell him I only want [one] and it's for an LS motor :jester:

(not really but...)
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I wouldn't think twice about swapping one into my car, LS head and all. Can you imagine with a full road course setup, it would be an animal.
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