Roush This Will Make You Say WTF!!!!!!!!!!


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Sep 26, 2004
Ok so check this out.... as you know if you dont know already, I "cracked a piston" well I sold my Series II to my buddy. Well due to limited funding I picked up a 03 GT Longblock with 10,000 miles on heads and block and 0 miles on new stock 04 internals for a really good price. Im going to run a Novi 2000 with my current setup. Well while waitin for the engine to come, my buddy and me pulled off the blower and then got a wild hair and said well for experiance lets find out if there is indeed a cracked piston!!!! So we pull the valve covers off and Daniel is like, " Hey man your front rocker is missing!' I was like, "You got to be kidding me!" So I walk over and sure enough the front rocker is just sitting there in the head. That would explain the rattling noise, I thought to myself!!!!!! We had to quit cuz we have to find a pulley puller to pull the crank pulley off, to find out what really happend........ FYI what really happened was I went to out to return some movies, after she had been runin fine all day, well I turned the key heard a clanking sound like a fan hittin somethin for like 5 seconds, then my gauges reset and she turned over, but the idil was all gone to ****. I ran the code and #1 piston was not firing, so I changed the coil and plug, but it still not firing..... My tuner said after he stuck a scope down the plug hole that he thinks I cracked a piston. Now!!!! I did notice that when I pulled my blower off that some my intake ports on my heads had large deposits of like grease gunk in them. Really nasty stuff. So yeah she has been down for like 3 months now " I need therepy BAD!!!!!". Another 2 weeks she should be up and runin again. Anyone have any ideas whats wrong or how it went wrong???? Any imput would be appreiciated. Lol I know some of you are like, that guy must be crazy to tear into a Saleen like that. Lol all it is, is a GT engine, so yeah at least thats the way I look at it!!!! You always learn more but doing your own work anyway, even if it is a $47,000 car. Oh my tune was a SCT Flip chip A/F was like 11.4, so it wasnt leanin out, in case you were wonderin!!! I will keep everyone updated, to another Saleen horror story lol!!!! Jake :shrug:
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My 00 Saleen had a Series IV on it and i had (3) Rocker arms chillin in my head completely off, and slashes in every single piston from the intake and exhaust valves.....I bounced of the rev limiter to many times. 5K$ mistake. Glad its all in the past....
A nicely place Raptor shift light would help out boatloads. They are small and bright.

I no longer have a rev limiter on my S351. Makes you give your undivided attention to driving the car, not letting the car drive you. Accidents can happen though.

I have hearing these "parts" sitting broken un attached to where they were supposed to be originally. 00-Saleen, where exactly are you on your new improved motor set up? Did you get it tuned in yet?
Marcus My journey for a tune Continues, james at RWTD the has failed me as he hasnt replied in 3 months. So i am selling my Diablo Predator and am purchasing an Xcal 2 this week, and Mike @ KEMPerformance is goin to biuld me a custom tune. I just recieved a Pretty big check and i will be purchasing the parts in my sig this week. :)