Thoughts on 75k powertrain warr.


Feb 13, 2004
I'm buying an 04' and the extended 75K, 6yr powertrain warranty is $700-800 or so. I plan on getting wider tires, basic mods like o/r H pipe, longtubes, plenum, tb. (possibly gears). I was mainly concered about how the gearbox and engine block warranty would fair with these mods (know axle would be voided w/gears but I would want to upgrade anyway).
I know alot of this has to do with how cool your service department is (they said they would be cool with it as long as no nos or s-charger or anything..but they might have been just trying to make the sale....), but I was wondering how you guys have faired with this stuff.
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Jan 20, 2004
Theres no sense getting an extended warranty if your gonna start
modding it.
You should be ok with small problems, but if something major goes
wrong they will blame the mods.
You dont know who is gonna be working there for the next 6yrs or
75k miles anyway. So how cool somebody is there now is irrelavent to
what may happen down the road.
I'd save that money and use it for mods to void the regular warranty. :D


Feb 13, 2004
Yeah, you know your if for it bad when your planning the power mods while your still shopping. I'll probably have it scharged within a year of ownership :rlaugh:


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Sep 19, 2003
I got a flyer in the mail from Extreme Ford about lifetime warranty on powertrain - 2004 models of course with some fine print and said contact dealer for details.--- I would ask the dealer about it --

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Jan 22, 2000
Orlando, FL
I personally think ford's extended warranties are a good thing for certain types of owners. Majority of fords vehicles have many problems with the AC system, window regulators/motors, oil pan gaskets, valve cover gaskets, the seals and gaskets in the trans, and failures with the trans itself. When it comes to getting a bill for near a grand for ac work, a leaking oil pan and rear main seal, or even a trans overhaul you will be happy when it covered under your extended warranty and you only have to pay around $50.
I say certain types of owners because a mustang owner is more inclined to do his own work and mod his car compared to someone who owns a taurus or expedition.


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Jun 23, 2003
Dealer cost on a 6 year/75,000 mile warranty is $985.00. (In California.) Also it depends on what type of mods your going to do. Just cause your going to have some mods on your car doesn't mean your whole warranty will be voided. If you have an aftermarket exhaust it won't void warranty work on your transmission. So you kind of have to weigh out the factors, how many and how extensive your mods will be....
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