Thoughts on front splitter

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CarMichael Angelo

clearly, I’ve got something going on in that hole
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Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al
It was right ( or closer) the first time before you changed it. ( if that old mod guy changed it, tell him when he knows the difference between a splitter and a spoiler too, he can change it, but until then ,...shut the hell up)

* Taken from CJ pony parts:

Chin spoilers are sometimes called front spoilers or air dams. These parts are also sometimes added purely for aesthetic value, but, like spoilers, they do serve a purpose. Underneath your car is a topographical map of valleys and mountains that catches air, creating drag and lift. A front air dam prevents that. By decreasing drag and increasing downforce, the chin spoiler provides an easy performance boost in handling. As an added benefit, the increased airflow can help to keep your engine a little cooler.

Deep Impact Blue Mustang with black chin spoiler

Splitters are attached to the front of the car and look like a flat scoop. Because the downforce on splitters can be intense, they’re often supported by small metal support rods. The splitter actually works as a wedge, sending the low-speed, high-pressure air over the car and the high-speed, low-pressure air underneath the car. The overall effect? Reduced lift and subsequently increased front tire traction. Resulting in increased grip in high speed turning situations.

One of the most famous splitters for Mustangs is the iconic front splitter printed with “Shelby” but there are plenty of great splitters available for every Mustang, whether you’re driving a Shelby or an Ecoboost


i'm familiar with penetration
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Feb 18, 2001
They look ok on the SN95 cars...considering they are an 03/04 Mach 1 chin.

Foxes....not so sure. I bought one but never installed it


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Not so sure it would look right on a fox unless the car was purpose built racecar.

Oh, they're sooooooooooo horrible :nonono:


Spoiler and splitter


Splitter only


Ok, this one is actually a race car splitter.


Chin Spoiler/Air Dam


Don't pull all the way to the curb and never let your girl drive. :p


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Sep 8, 2002
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Front air dams look okay on the Fox GT due to the front bumper design - like more modern cars, the front bumper isn't a wedge shape and is flatter on the front. When you add the air dam, it is more flush with the front of the car.

It does not look right on the LX bumper because the attachment point is a foot back from the leading edge of the bumper cover. I also believe that this isn't the best thing aerodynamically, but with typical street car heights this isn't a big deal.


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Aug 8, 2003
The makers garage splitter looks pretty decent.

Noobs, I've always loved that 4 eye, I just wish someone would photoshop out the pepboys fog lights.

Israel, if you are asking if we(I) like the splitter on that 94, my honest answer is absolutely not.
Before I messed with anything else visually, i'd be concerned about the ride height (which matters with a splitter) and the offset on the front wheels.
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