Three New Batteries In Six Months. Why?


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Apr 14, 2017
Hey all. My 2006 is going through batteries like nobody's business. I've searched the forum and the general consensus seems to be either a bad alternator or the alarm draining it. I bought this car second hand last year, and it had a new alternator and battery when I purchased it. Every once in a while it won't start. I'll take the battery up and have it tested, and it'll test as bad, so they give me a new one. (Interstate battery). ANY clue as to why this is happening? My husband has done some work on the car since he bought it (converted to a dual exhaust, brake pads/rotors, and cold air intake). He also bought a tuner. I'm at a loss here, and so is he. What could be killing the battery? (Again, I'm using a brand new Interstate battery, and the alternator was replaced shortly before I bought the car and is less than a year old.) Thanks everyone!

P.S. The car is kept in the garage and we never lock the doors, so I don't think it's an alarm issue.
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Feb 28, 2017
Newark, OH
Hopefully what David Young said works. I had an issue my battery creating corrosion just 2.5 years after I purchased my 2014, and I purchased it new. It also made my power disconnect probably due to the corrosion, although I cleaned it off a couple times, and would have to jiggle the positive wire to get the connection again. I hope I don't have a battery issue either. The new one is now working and no new corrosion... yet.


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Feb 18, 2001

You'll need to hook up a digital multimeter in series and see if you have a drain. If you do, you can start pulling fuses to isolate and identify the circuit that has a drain. Often it's a hood light, or a vanity light that's staying on.