Threw a code, P0190


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Oct 26, 2004
Northern VA
I threw a code and read it today as "P0190", fuel rail pressure sensor malfunction.

I disconnected and reconnected what I thought was the fuel rail pressure sensor and erased the code. It didn't come back, yet, but has anybody heard of this? I'd rather not take it to the dealer if I don't need to.
  • Sponsors (?) i just went threw hell with this code 2 days ago. Apparently they go bad every now and then, so we replaced it, and the code didnt come back but it wouldnt idle, it was running real lean. to make a long story short we wound up dropping the fuel tank and replacing a rubber o ring in the fuel pump can. It had a piece broken off of it, and was losing major fuel pressure. so anyways if your car is running ****ty, you may dropping the tank and seeing if a line is kinked, or you can pull your fuel filter and blow through it to see if its clogged. hope this helps.