Timing? What to set it at? Is there a big diff between 10,12,14?


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Jun 10, 2005
I am currently set to 10dg, but want to go higher. The guy that did my chip to get the car running wants $800+ to do the complete tune (to be sure of no pinging).

That's too much money, so with my combo..what would be a safe bet? 12dg? I have no pinging whatso-ever now and it is set at 10dg. I think a bump will generate more power, especially after reading one of KillerCanaray's posts about bumping timing shaved tons of time off his et's.

How much HP can you get out of timing bump? or is it also a combination of usable HP across the powerband?
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More timing is almost always a good thing. Basically you want the timing as high as it'll go without pinging. I think most people run 14*-16*, which is what I had mine at when it was stock. It's currently at 14*.

This was on two different days so the weather could have played a part in this, but my friend picked up about 15-20RWHP with his 427W by bumping the timing a few degrees.
Hey thanks for the reply Low-5.0! I think I am going to bump it to 12 at least although I would like to go 14, just hesitant without tuning..

p.s. What a combo you have! I bet that thing screams. umm nevermind, just saw you r vid, lol.
Alum heads can generally handle more advance than irons.

Do note that there is often a point where power falls off before pinging is audible.

The issue IMHO can be that the timing is screwed up across the board, so if it doesnt ping in one condition, it can ping in another. Some guys run less than optimal timing to leave a buffer for this.

Other factors, as mentioned, are ambient temps (for air charge considerations, as well as motor temp considerations). Also find out what octane the fuel is based upon. Some tuners will tune based upon 93 octane, which is not pocket friendly.

I would bump it up till ya hear pinging and then back it down 2*, but that is just me. Remember too that when summer rolls around, you might have to back it down (I normally drop 5* from winter to summer).

Good luck bud.
14 seems to be average...you can go higher and it may not ping??? I have run mine on the dyno all the way to 18 at 2 deg increments just to see....power on mine fell off up that high....it didn't ping either....so high doesn't really mean the most power...14 was the sweet spot on mine with the stock ECC.
I run Thumper E7s though....Alum are known to take more timing....
Pokageek said:
Would 13deg be a funky odd number not recommended? Just curious..

13 works, then go from there...

800.00 for a tune??? thats wack...I can get a SC burned with tune time for 400.00 round here...and these guys know Mustangs...theres only so much "tuning" you can do to me....If you have the proper induction/ignition and the state of tune is good its fairly straight forward....unless you got some freak/ mis matched combo on there...timing can take 3 pulls, then a few AFR pulls and your pretty much done...
With stock heads and cam I gained 12 rwhp and 11 rwtq, bumping the timing up to 14. Again there are a lot of factors deciding what your car will like. Mine was adjusted on a dyno so I know the A/F is good with this timing.