Tire fitment question


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Apr 4, 2005
madison, WI
Hey Again Guys:

Well i have another question for you, i have been reading all the threads about the wheel and tire fitements, i am thinking of running the AFS 18X9 and 10.5 03 polished cobra wheels with a 275/35/18 up front and a 295/35/18 in the rear, my question is in regards to the rear, i have noticed alot of debate about the quad shock that is in the back, i have seen some people remove it, flip it around and etc, now my question is am i going to have to remove it? and if so would you guys recommend going with a new set of lower control arms right away?? what does removing the quad shock due to the suspension?

Thanks!! :nice:

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295 is more of a 10' wheel set up, if your going to want 10.5"s in the back might as well put the rubber of a 315 on since your going for traction in the 1st place. Also, you wont need to do anything to the suspension to run 10.5's in the back, that's the beauty of a Stang. Although i dont agree w/ getting 10.5's as an appearence mod in the first place:p
I run 275's in the back w/ the mods in my sig and i only break loose when i wish too w/ KDWII's
well i guess i was planning on going with the 295 being i think the 315 is a little tacky looking honestly haha.. i just looks to big.. does any body have any pictures of a 10.5 inch rim on the rear?? and im looking a the KDW II's as well :)