traction control emilinator module??


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Feb 12, 2006
South Jersey
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I would do it with a programmable chip,or a hand held tuner.
When i got my stang tuned with a SCT chip,my Traction Control was elimated this way.So if you have either,do it that way,if you don't have either,save you money for one of those instead as they would be more beneficial then one of those elimantor gadgets you posted.Reason being you can do other things with a chip or tuner along with elimanating the T/C.This way you will not be wasting money for nothing aswell. :nice:
I bought my SCT xcal2 from MustangTuning, but didn't think to ask for it in the tune.
The shop that put my gears in last week offered to take it off when they changed the gears in the tuner. They called SCT to ask about how to do so and were told that it couldn't be done??? That is why I thought I needed to go this route...
Okey,here is the reply. :nice:

So you are good to go,you just need to find someone you can trust,and doesn't want to soak all your dollars :nonono: .
So hopefully you can find a SCT dealer that will do it.

Ok, guess I will call mustangtuning and see what they will charge me to add it to the tune.

I got the PEP one and have had zero problems with it. The owner (forgot his name) also provides great service.

Thanks, and if mustangtuning is going to charge an arm and a leg I will keep that in mind...