Traded-in '10 Gt For A '14 Gt- Sweet Deal!

I got a steal of a deal at Jarrett Gordon Fordon in Winter Haven, FL, and I wanted to share to possibly help those in the maket for a '14 GT. For a '14 GT (Black) with AutoTran, I was able to get a sales price of $29K less $3K rebates and less $750 Ford coupon. Final sales price $25,250. For my trade-in of a '10 GT with AutoTran and 57K miles,, they gave me $16K ($1.5K above book value) . I paid $10K balance including tax, tag, title, fees and reg' OTD for a new GT!

Anyways, I am loving my new black '14 GT. It's beatiful and more than plenty powerful for me. Engine and tranny are silky smooth and up to 70 mph on the interstate before you know it!

PS If you're in Central Florida, check out Jarrett Gordon Ford Lincoln. I'm from ATL, and they amde it worth my while. Ask for Angela Dyal in Sales.
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