Trans Filter and Gasket on AOD?


New Member
Jan 22, 2008
29 Palms, CA
Doing a Trans Filter and Gasket on my 91 LX. The guy at the parts store said the car takes 12.3 Quarts of Trans fluid. So I cleaned the self out of Royal Purple ATF and set to work. The pan only filled out about 1/3 of my drain bucket and thats no 12.3 Quarts. I was thinking the rest is in the Torque converter. But that wouldn't hold that much ATF would it? I might just put it back together, fill it and get a flush at the shop. Anyway's I need help with this bad cause the 18 speed is only good on nice days. Thanks in advance for any sugestions.
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The converter, pan and lines will hold the ~12 qt volume. You could do a full flush if you like and your fluid right now is not in bad shape. You disconnect a cooler line and pump fluid into a bucket, then drain the converter, and then fill it back up (we can go into greater detail if you're interested in doing this).

Good luck.