tri-y power steering drop

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Take the bracket off that is at the end of the slave cylinder and install the drop bracket. This is at the frame near in front of the drivers seat under the car. B.T.W. not a good idea. The angle could rip the threads out or drag on the ground. I dragged mine on the road and bent the slave cyl. rod so now I'm going with shorty headers. No drop required and the exhaust tucks up under the car as it should.
if you put it on, weld it also as well as bolting it on. i know this doesnt answer your question, if i have time ill go take a picture. seriously, bolts will not hold forever and may rip out, there is alot of pressure on that ram. it needs to be welded as well.
Put the driver side header on, you'll figure out right away where it goes if you need it. Later down the road you'll find out that the best way to install them is whatever way they land in the garbage can. Put the old bracket away in a safe place, you'll thank yourself later.

The won't-bite-you-in-the-ass-later route is to return the headers before you ding them up, and buy a pair that doesn't require the bracket. Paying more for good headers is cheaper and safer than broken power steering components down the road.

Oh, and a search for "headers power steering bracket" yields many results.