Trickflow Topend Kit

Hey guys I am going to be installing the trickflow top end kit on my 90 gt this weekend and was wondering what else I should go ahead and replace while i have it tore down.I am going to put new bearings and an oil pump, and was also wondering if I should go ahead and get 24lb injectors and such. Any help would be great.
thanks guys,
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Get some lifters. The kit doesn't come with any and it is definately worth the 120 bucks to do them before and not have to remove the intake again. Get the FMS ones. They are made by Crane I believe without the price tag. 24s would be nice to have but probably not a must... You can compensate with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator though it would be nice to open up the trottlebody and mas air meter calibrated for 24s. Your stock MAF will not work with 24s. Fuel pump should be changed out to a 190lph or 255 depending if you are going to stay NA or forced in duction. What other mods do you have.. I'm just running off things that come to mind right now.
trick flow top end kit

[I also purchased the same kit and will be tearning down the motor this week end. i emailed trick flow and they recommended 24lbs injectors with their setup. i purchased a holley adjustable fuel pressure regulator also. Let me know how you make out with your project. 1991 Stangwith AOD has 125,000 miles and doesn't burn oil. compression test on warm engine showed 125lbs in all cylinders, looks good to me:)
I probably will changed the oil pump to be on the safe side, but won't touch the bearings. Go with FMS hydraulic lifters also.
let me know what you set your camshaft degree on.
P.S. check the kit closely, they forgot to ship the head bolts on mine.:bang:

Good Luck....
[Yea, i paid for them. i called and they are shipping ARP boLts out to me. Check your packaging slip. Thanks for you reply. I am anxious to see how much stronger the car runs with this kit. I would like to overhaul the bottom end, but right now I'm low on cash!!!!
Motor is in good shape and I purchased the car new and have taken excellent care of it.
bbk shorty headers, march ud pulleys, kenne brown level 1 suspension, 155lb fuel pump, 3:73 GEARS WITH AOD TRANS. planning on upgrading the AOD next. Any suggestions on Convertor stall speed? What valve body kit is good? Transgo?
Thanks for all your help guys
I am running low on cash to because i also have to get my car painted, it is in need of it bad. The only reason i am replacing the bearings is that i might as well since the motor is going to be torn down.
My mods are
90 25th anniv gt
70mm tb
march underdrives
bbk cold air kit
frpp plug wires
373 gears
full bassani exhaust
it would be the ideal time to upgrade the fuel system if you wanted to, plus it would ready you for boost etc if you wanted to run it. i ran a zex kit on my old 91 fox and it hit pretty hard with the stock fuel setup, but later on i upgraded to a c&l with the 24 lb sampler tube, 24 lb injectors and a 190 lph fuel pump. i felt the difference immediately. the sotp feel was much better. that trick flow top end kit is a damned good start on an engine build. you will not be disappointed. good luck man.
Hey all.. not to hijack the thread or anything but does anyone have any idea if the track heat top end kit would work with an 86 motor? im only asking cause 86 motors came with flat-topped pistons and i dont wanna worry about piston to valve kissing. if i have a problem with that ill just have to go 306 with some new pistons :rolleyes:
From the trick flow website.
Twisted Wedge Aluminum Cylinder Heads for Small Block Ford
Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads are 50-state emissions-legal for 1996 and earlier 289, 302, and 351W Fords! (CARB E.O. number D-369-1).
Twisted Wedge heads feature an exclusive combustion chamber design.The patented 61cc chambers feature rotated intake and exhaust valves moved over the center of the cylinder bores. As a result of optimizing the valve locations, valve angles, and combustion chamber shape, the Twisted Wedge heads use stock height exhaust ports without power loss.

The heads are machined for 2.02" intake/1.60" exhaust valves to build top-end power without sacrificing bottom-end torque. They don’t require flycut pistons for use with cams up to the specifications listed—no other 2.02"-valved head for small block Ford offers these features!

Only mustang without flycut pistons is the 86.:OT:
wfriedman said:
From the trick flow website.

Only mustang without flycut pistons is the 86.:OT:

I knew that the heads would work with flat-topped pistons, i wasnt sure if the cam in the kit worked with the flat-topped as well.. Im planning on a 4cyl to 8 converson and i have my hands on an 86 donor car with with low miles (car accident bent the frame) and i was looking to take the car from him and use all the gear (minus the speed density, ill go mass air) sorry :OT: