Tring to program a DBX meter, Im am a computer idiot!!


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Jun 7, 2003
Akron, OH
I have no idea how to calibrate this meter. Ive installed the software, but every sentence im on google looking up defintions to different words. Its asking me what COM port im using i have no idea what that means. Im using a Dell Inspiron lap top that is only 3 months old any idea what com port im using???
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Try COM 1. A COM port is a communication port. Your laptop does not have a physical COM port. I am not sure how the DBX meter connects. Does it have a USB plug? If it does you might be able to set a virtual port that the software will accept. When you connect the meter does the computer recognize it?

Or you can try hitting it with a hammer and calling it a dirty :taco:.... works for me!

After some research, it connects USB. I can help you troubleshoot the connection issue (15 years in IT) but as for the programming, that is a nogo....
give me a call, I see you are from Ohio...