Triple White Fox Body Trim Piece

Alec Caterson

New Member
May 5, 2014
hello, sorry if there is currently a thread on this topic but I could not find one so I am creating one.

I have a 1993 fox body convertible that is the triple white edition. The white plastic trim piece (black and possibly a different shape because of differing mirrors on other models) that runs along the top of the driver door past the mirror, has cracked and I cannot seem to find a place where I can purchase another piece to replace it. Because it exposes a small stud that it was once attached to it has become a eye sore that I would really like to get fixed as soon as possible.

thanks again
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Pic of the broken piece? Sounds like the door molding. You will have to purchase a new one and have it painted. That's how it was done from the factory.

it is the trim piece that running horizontal directly above the mirror

it is not broken in the picture
Mine is also broken. I plan to replace it later when I strip all the trim off the car to have it painted. Those are a PITA to get to. It's up inside the door and requires removing the door panels, standing on your head, and holding your tongue just the right way. :)
I fixed mine with double sided trim/molding tape for now. Works for a temp fix.