trouble codes


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Mar 13, 2008
im new on this site,i have an 89 gt and i keep getting trouble codes and cant figure out wut to do to get rid of them,i keep getting a 33 code (egr closed),i got an 85 today (canp failed), which is the purge canister solinoid and the other code i got today was ego no switch or somthin like that i for got the number,i got other codes about a week ago and they went away from things i changed on the car but the egr code has not went away,the car is running rich and missin a lil,we changed the plugs set the timin right and i still cant get it to stop missing,i need some help
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look into the egr code. figure out exactly what the code says. when my egr went bad, it caused poor idle, ran rich, and occasionally the car would die as i'd come to a stop and rpms fell. never noticed any missing though.
the egr code keeps saying that its not openning like it should,and i dont know how to check and see if the vacuum thats goin to it is workin, the valve its self moves because i put vacuum on it at idle and the car i am wondering if my problem is vacuum related.
its code #33 and i took a vacuum line off the air pump bullsh** and hooked it up to the egr and the diagraphram moved and stayed open,but the car died,i was told that the egr didnt open until the engine was under a load.
To save yourself some headaches, just search the code numbers you got. JRichker's synopsis for each code is outstanding, and he has one for each code you got.

Good luck.