Trunk Horror *pics*


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Jun 21, 2003
Parkesburg, PA
Well as some of you know I was having issues with a leak. Beings it was suppose to be warm this weekend I figured I'd take a look. Well it turned out to be worse then I thought. Seems like theres this bond like stuff in there and agter chiping away at it its all rusted up under it. Also found that that stuff is whats holding my trunk lid on theres no bolts on the hinge screws. so after talkign it over with my dad I'm gonna take it out to the body shop and see what they say. He thinks thats the better idea then trying and fixing it myself.

So i have a few questions:
1. Is this bondo stuff normal? It was painted red like it was factory but i have no clue

2. Is it suppose to cover the hinges? seems kinda stupid that you would have to redo all this to swap out your trunk lid

Now the pics

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View attachment 484080

This is the pass side it don't leak but again the hing is under that stuff :shrug:

View attachment 484082
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No that's not normal. I looks like a previous owner tried to hide damage (or maybe he just made a cheap fix long before deciding to sell). My car has smooth metal back there.

So my guess is either that the car was in an accident and the bondo was an attempt to fix some of the damage. Or more likely, it had a leak that was never properly fixed, which led to the rust, which again was never properly addressed.
do you have pics of yours? Kinda wanna get an idea what it should look like if the shop tells me they can't fix it. I hope if they can fix it they can do it right away cause I don't have a garage its at a buddy's place in his garage till I find out on Monday
thats totally not normal. i don't know why you would go through all that bondo as opposed to just fixing it. My guess is that because of where it is, hard to reach, this was the best/easiest/fastest fix.
Its not Bondo. Its epoxy. Ford used it on all there mustangs like that. Yours just dried out really bad and failed. Sucks, its a lot of work to take care of. Hope it works out for you though.

If you all look really hard, you will see that there is a layer of the yellowish junk around the hinge area, and it doesn't take paint very well.

that doesn't look too good, jinx.
LoudToy958 said:
Its not Bondo. Its epoxy. Ford used it on all there mustangs like that. Yours just dried out really bad and failed.

Mine has it to....Its looks like ass and kinda had this funky Black look, like mold grew on it or some pine pitch chit....

hey no wonder i didn't know you posted Paul I didn't see it till now lol.

soon as it gets done I'm redoing the trunk liner things. got some fabric from work hopefully it will turn out nice. I wanted to do something like onebads trunk but doubt I'll get that into it
I'd post you some pics, but my car is at the shop for a couple of days. They are fixing an issue they created (long story). Anyway, maybe when I get it back I can get some pics for you.

I think that the car is designed to channel water down that groove between the raised rubber seal and the higher portion of the rear fender (same for between the front of the trunk opening and the rear window. When you open the trunk in the rain, all the water on the trunk dumps onto the rear window, and pours down this channel, eventually dumping harmlessly out the bottom (and not into the trunk). Same thing probably happens when the car sits out in the rain. But I don't recall any bubbly fugly crap on my car right there. That's why I still think your's is a duct tape and chewing gum hack fix.
MysteryMachine said:

Shane how ya been haven't seen ya around in a while?

Been working and going to school. Don't really have time to get into postin. I keep reading though.

That stuff really sucks. If you paint it, the paint won't stick too well. If you try to clean it, that paint that is on it starts to rub off. I hate that section of the car. Seems like Ford just took a short cut there to clean up all the seams and hide the hinges.
not trying to hijack, but when it rains and especially if i pop my trunk those little crevices fill with water so i just drive my car up a hillto get the water out. What would be the best type of sealant to put in there so if water does sit in there for a few days it won't start to damage anything.